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For a complete CV and references please contact me using the information available on my Contact page.

Briefly, I completed a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biochemistry and Biology in 2002, followed by additional university training in computer programming. I worked as a molecular biologist and then as a computational biologist during 2003-2004 before beginning a PhD in Medical Genetics and Bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia. I defended my PhD thesis in December, 2009, and my diploma was awarded in May 2010. During 2010, I was employed as a Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow at the Genome Sciences Centre, a department of the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver, Canada.

I am now employeed as an Assistant Professor of Genetics and as an Assistant Director of the McDonnell Genome Institute at the Washington University School of Medicine. My research program is focused on the use of genomics and bioinformatics methods for the development of precision medicine in cancer. For more details refer to the research and publications sections.

Online profiles

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Bioinformatics tools/software projects

The following table lists selected tools that I have contributed to. Some of the more recent examples are listed first.

Tool/Resource Source Code Description Current Status
CIVIC civic-server git repo, civic-client git repo Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer Active
DOCM git repo The Database of Curated Mutations Active
DGIdb git repo The gene drug interaction database Active
RNA-seq.wiki git repo Informatics for RNA-seq: A web resource for analysis on the cloud Active
RegTools git repo Tools that integrate DNA-seq and RNA-seq data to help interpret mutations in a regulatory and splicing context Active
pVAC-seq git repo A pipeline for prioritization of neoantigen candidates for cancer immunotherapy Active
GenVisR git repo A package for highly customizable publication-quality visualization of genomics data Active
ORegAnno Instructions An open database for the curation of known regulatory elements from scientific literature Active
GMS core git repo, installer git repo Genome Modeling System: A Knowledge Management Platform for Genomics Active
SciClone git repo A package for inferring the subclonal architecture of tumors Active
ALEXA-seq git repo A method for alternative expression analysis of RNA-seq data Retired
ALEXA git repo A microarray design and analysis platform for alternative expression analysis Retired

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